Stuart & Clare

My heart starts to skip a beat when I am invited into such well-designed spaces. There is simply nothing better than to bring the old and the new perfectly together to make a beautiful family home.  

When you arrive at this Hamilton residence, you cannot see the modern addition that’s been carefully constructed at the rear of the dwelling.  It’s just as if you are stepping into a traditional 1918 brick home, which is wonderful all on its own.  Then, you walk through to the back area and … WOW! 

Welcome to the impressively designed home of Stuart and Clare Campbell. And it’s no wonder, as Stuart is Principal at CKDS Architecture and Clare, a practising solicitor – the perfect blend when it comes to attention to detail. Joining them are their three gorgeous children and family pet, Ari Gold. 

Seeing potential for a larger family space, Stuart and Clare bought the house in 2010.  After living in it for a few years and feeling their way, they started to grow their family and finished the latest renovation mid last year – perfect timing.


Stu, the shape and the way you have let natural light in is amazing. What was your inspiration and intention behind the design?
The design overcomes a common problem of getting northern sunlight into additions on the southern side of a house. We have dealt with this issue through the section. There are two really strong gable roof forms in the existing house so we took that design cue and basically cut it in half to provide a wedge form with a large north facing high level window to draw northern sun into the new living room and kitchen. We used the idea of a wedge to inform other elements of the addition like the low roof break between the old and new and the curtain/lighting pelmet above the glass doors. The deck also picks up on this with a wing roof that lets northern sun light onto the deck and backyard.

Both Novocastrians now, Clare you grew up on the North Coast and Stu you spent your early years in Sydney?  What do you love most about Newcastle?
We love the strong sense of community in Newcastle, especially Hamilton.  This is really important to us as we spend a lot of time out and about with the children.

Your home is filled with beautiful furniture and art.  Where are your favourite places to shop?
We try to shop locally as much as possible.  We have furniture from Hunter Valley Design and Inside Out and art from Cooks Hill GalleriesGallery 139 and the Blue Van Gallery. We also love furniture from Australian manufacturers like Jardan and recently found a great design studio, Object Utility.

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