Sophie & Nic

Suburban sixties’ architecture … yet another example of my many weaknesses! This beautiful Merewether Heights house is the wonderful home of Sophie and Nic Damen. They live here together with four year old daughter Isla, baby Luca (6 months) and pup, Nina.

Sophie and Nic both grew up in Tasmania. As newlyweds, they moved from cold little Tassie to balmy Newcastle nine years ago. Sophie studied Nutrition and Nic worked as an electrician and produced surfing films.

A little more than a year ago, Nic and Sophie lived only two blocks away from where they now reside. Sophie used to take her dog for a walk around the local neighbourhood admiring the flat roofed houses with mid-century shape and design.

Recognising great potential, she vividly remembers the day this house caught her attention and she started imagining how they could renovate it. A few weeks passed and then, completely unexpectedly, it came up for sale – Soph’s negotiations with Nic started immediately. 

The following two weeks were the busiest the couple have ever experienced as they finished the renovations on their existing home, placed it on the market and sold it, and then purchased their dream 60’s style, flat roof, beachy pad.  

The past year has been focused on renovations and making it their family home and, while they still have so much they want to do, House Perv loves it! 


How would you describe your style? 
Hmm, I Iove neutrals, but my style is possibly eclectic. Slightly coastal, mid-century modern with a touch of bohemian. Ha ha! If I go into an antique store or op-shop I will look for brass objects, blue bottles and glass, and cane furniture. I also love unique ceramics. I have some sentimental Tasmanian antiques scattered around the house, along with items from my travels such as the globe that I bought in a thrift store in Santa Cruz and carted it through America! There are also maps from Cuba and crosses from here and there. I love a mix of old and new.

Soph you are having a bit of a styling related career change – tell us a little about that.
Well I do love being a nutritionist but I've started to dabble in food styling. This year I am studying Event Styling at Hunter Design School which is good fun and I’m excited where this will go. I feel it's time for me to explore and develop my love of style and design. Find me on Insty at sophielouise.styling

What do you love about living here?
We always say Newcastle has it all ... close to beaches, cafes and restaurants, a city with history, markets, and beautiful places like Glenrock Reserve and the Hunter Valley. We love our community and friends we have made in Newcastle and in the Merewether area. We also love how the city has transformed during the nine years we have lived here.