Travis Keegan

Tonight we feature an awesome Newie beach pad, proudly owned and created by Travis Keegan.

Trav purchased the 100 year old Zaara Street terrace three years ago. It is in the most perfect position with Newcastle Beach a block to the left and the harbour just down the hill to the right.

For the past two years Trav has been calling on, and hiring in, his building, architectural and tradie friends during weekends to help bring his design work to life.

The result – a complete renovation from front to back, and we think it’s pretty impressive.

I love this story because even though Trav isn't a builder or an architect, he has done oodles of the work involved. His incredible passion for design, particularly graphic design, shines through. Trav does what he loves and creates his own dreams.

In case you’re wondering, Trav works in the quarries with drill and blast and, on the weekends, he deejays - spinning soul, latin, jazz and Brazilian records. You can catch him Friday nights at The Basement on Market Street.

Happy House Perv!

It looks like a great neighbourhood Trav.  What is your favourite thing about living here?
It would have to be the close community of people and friends. There are so many amazing people who have lived here for so long with so many great stories. Also, how laid back the area is. Sometimes I feel like I'm on holidays. Secondly, the beaches – they speak for themselves. 

Tell us a bit about your aspiration for the design?
I kind of knew from the start of the build how I wanted things to look. It was just hard not knowing the process of things because I hadn’t done anything like this before. I got a few of my good mates from GAME building, JEM building, and a Certifier, who guided me the whole way from demolition to completion, plus a few of my other mates who are in various trades to help out. Without the help of these guys it definitely would not have been such a smooth process and I wouldn't have got it to where it's at today. 

With such a small space to work with, I tried to open it up as much as I could. It previously had three rooms (kitchen/dining/lounge) downstairs. We went for a more open space design, with just a kitchen and loungeroom combined. Plus, letting as much light in the various windows helped me to achieve the look I wanted. I got a lot of my inspiration from local architects (Shane Blue of Bourne Blue Architecture) and a few other Melbourne guys’ work which I love.

When is the next house party? :)  
Hahaha, tonight! I'll see you then :)