Tim and Erica

There is something about young energy that I love. I think it might be the many and fond memories from my time working as a high-school teacher. It is enthusiastic, ambitious, and when mixed with incredible design talent, pure magic.

While our latest home dwellers are certainly out of their school time, they are the youngest couple we have featured on House Perv. Meet Tim and Erica – their average age is 22, but their sense of style and skill is beyond their years.

Both hailing from the country, Tim is originally from Muswellbrook and Erica, Orange. As architecture students, they are fortunately each employed in their vocations in Newcastle. While completing their studies, Erica is an architectural assistant at Jackson Teece, while Tim also works as an assistant and model maker at SHAC architecture design studio.

Their passion for architecture is inspiring and if this is how they style their first rental property, I can’t wait to see what they create with a few extra years in the industry!

We were pretty excited when we found out the location of this home as we have been busting to peek inside these iconic Islington Soque Warehouse Apartments for some time. The sheer scale of these heritage dwellings, combined with their amazing light and enviable views, are what makes these apartments so special.

And on top of that, we are fortunate to enter the world of these two young creatives and enjoy a closer look at their industrial/modern/jungalow style.

Happy House Perv!

Tim and Erica what drew you to architecture?
TIM: I've always been interested in solving problems and how things work, I'm the kind of person to pull something apart to figure it out. I also love drawing. I did some work experience with an architectural practice in year 11 and loved the idea that you could solve problems and draw for a living! 

ERICA: My Parents built a beautiful straw bale house while I was going through high school and I loved being involved the process of planning the spaces, helping with the build and then living in it. It was very rewarding and creative process and I thought sounded like a good career. 

Your dream House. Can you describe it in a few sentences?
Well it seems to constantly evolve, right now it's probably something old we would renovate, something urban, small, filled with light, a great garden and probably self sufficient. (Energy, water and waste)

What do you love most about Newcastle?
Newcastle is still relatively affordable, it's relaxed, emerging and still pretty close to home.  Most importantly Newcastle provides the opportunityfor younger people pursue their careers.

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